Hotagens course & conference center


We can offer you a boattour along the lake Hotagen. From a half day to a full day. Along the lake we visit places with a long history and contemporary stories. Maby we vistit the clingstone where the men in the village took there manhood test. We can make a long tour to the village of Laxviken.

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 Stop by the farm knowned as Flinten to barbecue and listen to the story of the village wich in the old days was pretty big, but now consists only of a house left.


 Guided tours of everything from berries to mushroom picking, and visits to our beautiful waterfalls.

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For those of you who are interested in fishing, there are fine lakes to try your luck in, and for those of you who love fly fishing, feel free to visit the Toskströmmen.




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