Hotagens course & conference center

About Us

Marita Eriksson
I was born in Hammerdal, but has lived 20 years in Nynäshamn, just below Stockholm. A few years ago I moved to Hotagen, where I met my love Örjan. With this beautiful nature around us, we wanted to start a course and conference center as well as spa and massage facility, which we have done.

In the past I have driven Mitas Energy & reflexology in Östersund for many years. I have been educated in massage, spa therapist, reflexology, Ortho bionomi, herbal medicine, etc. It will be so fun to work with this in Hotagen. Being able to see a dream come true is a great feeling.

Örjan Nilsson  

I was born and raised in Hotagen. After I met Marita took my daily life a completely new turn. She led me into something I never dreamed of. That this kind of house would be finished in my homevillage was not in my wildest fantasies. But now we've reached that point, and I have had the great privilege to show people this amazing countryside where I was born.

Our common way to dream

1937 it was built a parsonage in Hotagen. Since then, the priests and their families housed here. In 2007 became the parsonage for sale to the public! We wanted this house, and here we would build Hotagens course & conference center. In the years since we bought the farm, there has been a huge renovation. We have worked on this day and night. It's been amazing to see it all grow up, to see a dream come true. For three years we have worked, and now we are finally finished.

Hotagen is a small village with few inhabitants, and one thought of this project was to give the village a chance to live up again! Here around there is much to see and experience, ranging from fishing, snowmobile tours, boat rides, huge beautiful waterfall and much more!

We long to give you wonderful experiences with us, and that you feel, just like us, the wonderful peace and the harmonious feeling that is here in Hotagen. You are most welcome to visit us
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